Saturday, 26 February 2011

Art Show, Yo.

I have really been thinking about putting on an art show lately. I feel revitalized about drawing and making art in a way that I have not felt in a long while. Maybe it is because of love? Yes, I will say because I have fabulous love.

In any case, the art show would have to be very small, miniature to be exact. All of the pieces shown are drawn with fine tipped Sharpie markers on index cards. I was thinking, however, that it would be feasible to re-create the pieces or ideas from each into larger scale paintings. What do you think?

I feel most happy making monsters and colorful worlds for imaginary scary cute things. Life is scary and the world in which we live in can be very ugly. For me, turning to fantasy is nice escape from working an office job and living in a stale and colorless world. It makes what is in my head turn to life on paper for a moment. Plus, I have a total thing for cute and all things cute related. Can't resist.

Ducky J

A little late to be blogging this but obviously, I have not been on here much lately. A big thanks to NYLON for making life a prettier place. I totally want this adorable duck smoking a j pin that contains a Javelin album. Just plug your head phones in and taa-daa! You have music!

Bonsai in the Sky

I had a dream about my bonsai the other night. In the dream, Juney, my Juniper bonsai had grown too large for it's pot and as a result, I chose to repot it in a botanical garden with water surrounding it. I crumpled up large chunks of fool's gold, otherwise known as Pyrite for it to be planted on top of. In my dream world, art can become reality for a few hours a night and I can live freely.

Tree in a Melting Sunset.

Little known fact- I have never done acid. This adorable tree I drew with colored pencils and fine tipped Sharpies seems to suggest otherwise. This little guy was one of the first things I drew when I finally got access to the full color wheel of Sharpies and it made me very happy to draw. Also, the drawing is small and portable, drawn on an index card. I genuinely wish trees really looked like this. My favorite color is sunset.


I am so very happy to be a Des Moinesian these days, especially when it comes to making choices for extravagant dining experiences. Tonight, Jason and I are using the last of our Living Social deals for some pizza and tiki drinks at Fong Pizza in downtown Des Moines. Crab Ragoon Pizza? Yes! Bacon Popper Pizza? Yes! 180 ounces of alcoholic beverage served in a dragon? YES! YES! YES!