Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Getting all gussied up for Christmas

Look at how huge Spencer's tongue is here!!! My pup got sooo excited when we got his sweater on that he started running around like a maniac. Needless to say, it was close to impossible to photograph the boy then. We even tried to bribe him with Cheerios and I think that just made him even more crazy. The dog will do anything for food, what can I say!

We held Spencer up so he could sniff the tree. In reality, he could not care less about human stuff like Christmas trees and whatnot. For Spencer, he mostly just wants to eat, sleep, play, chew and poop!

Snow Doggie!

This morning, Spencer got to experience his first snow! At first, he was reluctant to get off of the beaten path, but soon he became brave and began to frolic through the snow and sniff at it until it made him sneeze. What a cutie!

Later in the evening, we got quite a bit more snow so I put on my parka and my Northface boots to play in the snow with him. It is such a joy to watch my pooch jump through the big piles of snow like a rabbit. After all, his little puppy legs are not very long! How very fun. I have always wanted a dog of my own to play in the snow and through the seasons with. I don't know what Will and I ever did without Spencer because he fills everyday with new adventure and happiness.