Monday, 13 July 2009

Most Amazing Table, Ever!

What an amazing day! Today, I bought this fantastic 1960's table and chairs from a grad student in Iowa City. The chairs are in awesome condition, with perfect upholstery and swiveling ability, and the table can also fit and additional leaf in the center to accommodate for a small dinner party!

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Giving My Puppy a Bath!!!

After our crazy evening playing in the pond at the dog park, Spencer needed a bath. I love how pathetic and silly puppies look when you get them wet. Look at those ears! I think he looks like Yoda in the bottom picture. Poor little guy!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Puppy in a Pond

A few days ago, we took Spencer to the pond at the dog park to test the waters and boy was it hilarious!!! He ran back and forth along the pond banks and buried his nose into the mud. He rolled around in the dirt and while rolling around, he managed to roll right into the water!!!! I would have to say he looked like he was having alot of fun but man oh man was he a dirty dog afterwards:)

The Owl on 22nd Street

I wouldn't mind having one of these babies in front of my house!!!! This little guy guards the apartment complexes on 22nd Street in Coralville and really classes up the otherwise mediocre apartments. I love owls!

4th of July

I would say I had a nice, chill 4th of July this year. Will and I ate dinner on the patio of Quinton's in downtown Iowa City with Spencer at our foot. After chowing down on spinach artichoke dip and awesome sandwiches, we ran into some friends and chilled in the Ped Mall to watch the fireworks. While we watched the fireworks, Spencer chowed down on some flowers out of the flower bed. Quality Care lawn services would kill us!