Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Obey the Corgi!!!!!

I fuckin' love it!!!!! Here you have 2 things I totally love combined:

1. My love for my dog Spencer, who is a Welsh Corgi.
2. My love for anything put out by OBEY. Just plain sweet shit.

Well, on Cafe Press, they have this sweet design, called "OBEY the Welsh Corgi." Shepard Fairey would be super psyched to see dweeby dog enthusiasts such as myself carrying around tote bags in his style. Whatever. Still a waaaay sweet tote bag.

Did they not do an amazing job at mimicing the style or what?!!?

Getting Crazy for Junko Mizuno

I am crazy for the adorable figurines designed by Junko Muzuno and can you believe my favorite Kidrobot put these bad boys out? I am soooo in love! I know it seems like I waste alot of money on toys and t-shirts but it makes me happy and I justify it like this- I don't smoke, drink, or have kids so I have plenty of extra cash alotted to the "Me" department, right? Some people buy lots of records, some spend it all on weed. I, on the otherhand, spend all of my spare cash on pretty things!!!!

I hope to God I can win some of these cuties on eBay! I am totally in winning mode after winning those sweet Dunnys today so let's all cross our fingers and pray for me. Thanks!

I Won!!!!!

I WON!!!

I am super psyched cause I never win anything on eBay, but this time, I won these 2 little Dunny guys from the 2009 Dunny Series. They came as a set and the starting bid was just .99 cents. I put on a few fakie bids to make it look like a bidding war was already happening hoping it might ward away onlookers and I think the tactic worked. I ended up getting them for .99 cents plus $5 bucks shipping and handling. This is a pretty good deal, seeing as 1 blind-boxed Dunny is usually 7 or 8 bucks.

The first Dunny I won was the Mori Chack Gloomy Bear Dunny. Very cute and classic looking.

The second Dunny I won is the Shawnimal guy, complete with the magic wand and jeweled forhead.

I am pretty excited to get these guys in the mail and add them to my collection.

Cheap Monday on Thursday

Thank God for the internet and thank God for I loved my first Cheap Monday t-shirt soooo frickin' much that I had to go ahead and order the other 2. It's just the perfect t-shirt- short, cropped, scoop necked, and billowy around the bottom (to hide a fierce muffin top). I love 'em!

The first one makes me smile because it is a grayscale rainbow. Almost happy but not quite.
The second t is pure genius. Named "Popular Revolution", it features the fist of none other than MickeyMouse front and center.

If I could run my own botique, it would definitely contain many pieces from Cheap Monday. Can't wait for my shirts to arrive in the mail on Thurday!!!!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bowling! Yeah! Yeah!

Oh man, there is rarely an activity on the planet that energizes and excites me quite like a good round of bowling!!!!! Everything is sooo 70's and cheesy and space age and hitting down wooden pins is pretty fun too:)

Colonial Lanes in Iowa City, IA is the cutest bowling alley ever. Nothing has changed, everything is all painted up silly, and they have a bonus bar in back and putt putt golf.

Skele-dog to the rescue!!

I can't stop taking pictures of my dog wearing clothes!!!! Its just too damn funny and cute not to. Spencer actually doesn't seem to mind wearing clothes so we put him in the skeleton costume and took him downtown on Friday night. Everybody loved it! This costume was well worth the $18 bucks spent.

The costume actually glows in the dark too. Can't wait to take my dog trick-or-treating!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

karmaloop is golden

I swear, I could spend every penny I make at either Target or!!!!

My order finally arrived this morning and it was everything I could have expected and more. First up, I ordered a t-shirt from Cheap Monday. It says "Carpe Noctem" on the front and kinda has a spooky feel to it. Talk about the perfect t-shirt! The material is soft and thin, it is cropped, but not too short, scooped on the neck just deep enough to be a bit sexy, and billowy around the waist area. Love it!

Next, I have really, really, really wanting a new piece of Betsey Johnson jewelry for a while now but have been waiting to buy until I found the perfect piece. Well, when I saw this snake bracelet, i just had to have it. It has a hinge opening and is held together magnetically, and the glossy enamel and rhinestones are fantastically done. It is both sexy and unique.

The last thing that I ordered was the ultra sexy and rather edgy Jeffrey Campbell Attic Heels. These heels are sooo hot and very comfie on. Super well made. I really admire the stellar construction as well as the attention to detail put into these. And for $48 bucks, rather than the $130 I expected to pay, these were a total steal!

I love the cut out detailing from the front. Soo cute!

Nothing makes a girl feel more happy than getting new heels and hot jewelry:)

To steal my look, go to
They have some killer stuff and way good deals. Almost always, you can get free shipping. They carry sweet brands like OBEY, Betsey Johnson, Vans, Cheap Monday, Creative Recreation, and WESC. Karmaloop is going to take over the planet and put all Urban Outfitters outta business due to their over-powering coolness!!!!!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My puppy eating ice cream! Cute!

In the name of all that is cute, I now present to you SPENCER EATING ICE CREAM!!!!! My dog is so freaking cute sometimes, er, always!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Anna Sui for Target:)

My love for Target is everlasting- on Sunday, September 13th, 2009 at 8 a.m., the new Anna Sui for Target collection made it's debut. Coralridge Mall was the only mall in all of Iowa to get the collection. I have been waiting anxiously for this thing for..... months. Anna Sui has been my favorite designer since I was 10 and wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up.

So on Sunday morning, I woke up startled and already late. I threw on some clothes from the floor and hauled my ass straight to Target.

9:03 a.m. - I power walked into Target like a fashion crazed monster and frantically searched for the whereabouts of this insanely fabulous collection. It was nowhere to be found.

I then went to the fitting room and practically demanded to speak with the manager in charge of softlines. It was my old boss, Brooke. Her exact words? "I should of figured it was you!"
I guess Target didn't realize little girl's dreams were at stake here cause they hadn't even bothered to put the collection out yet. The nerve of it all!

So Brooke, the softlines team leader rolled out the collection for me from the backroom and I was like a kid at a candy store. I felt so special shopping the collection straight off of the rack before the general public got their greedy and jealous little paws on it. Muhahaha!

I ended up coming out with the metallic sparkle dress, the puffy vest, and some ugly shirt I later returned. I have not quit wearing the puffy vest. It is so retro and comfie and cute. And all I can do right now it keep trying on the dress with heals, tossing around my hair, and applying more eyeliner. Dreams really do come true!

Screw all that crap about Gossip Girl. I tried to watch like one episode and got so utterly bored that I turned it off after about two minutes. I am all about the Anna Sui goodness!

This collection is hot! Love it!

Eat my Glam!

Expect glam from me, damn it! I am sooooooo happy for Target this summer.... Here you see my awesome Dwell Studios shower curtain, my Anna Sui for Target dress, and my Erickson Beamon for Target cocktail ring. Can Target seriously be any more hip and rad? Seriously, bring on the radness, Target!

Cocktail ring: Erickson Beamon for Target
Dress: Anna Sui for Target
Necklace: Target

I will be totally wearing this dress and all of the fantastic jewelry to Amber's wedding next week! I am so psyched for a reason to wear a pretty dress:) Yay!

Passed Out

I don't care if my blog is all about my dog. Sorry, Charlie, he is just the cutest thing since Hello Kitty.

A dog in sheep's clothing

OH MAN! One of the best things about having a dog is dressing him up! Endlessly entertaining. Here we have Spencer the peasant followed by cowboy Spencer.

He looks utterly thrilled, don't you think?