Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Getting Crazy for Junko Mizuno

I am crazy for the adorable figurines designed by Junko Muzuno and can you believe my favorite Kidrobot put these bad boys out? I am soooo in love! I know it seems like I waste alot of money on toys and t-shirts but it makes me happy and I justify it like this- I don't smoke, drink, or have kids so I have plenty of extra cash alotted to the "Me" department, right? Some people buy lots of records, some spend it all on weed. I, on the otherhand, spend all of my spare cash on pretty things!!!!

I hope to God I can win some of these cuties on eBay! I am totally in winning mode after winning those sweet Dunnys today so let's all cross our fingers and pray for me. Thanks!

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