Monday, 14 September 2009

Yup, our apartment is da bomb

I knew eventually things here in Iowa would get better. I knew I wouldn't be living in my boyfriend's bedroom with bitchy assholes living in the basement forever. Alas, since moving to our new place, things in life have gotten vastly better. I quit my shit job at Target as a cashier for $7.25 per hour and started working at Journey's as the store manager and making bank.

So it's all good! I bought us a couch, our new table and chairs are fantastic, and decorating has been a blast. I love it!

I used the Orla Kiely table cloths that I got at Target as curtains in the living room. It looks very retro, I think.

I love the brown cabinets! And having all new appliances and a pantry is nice too. Sure beats the hell out of cleaning up after Mike and Sarah's sorry asses.

My cookie jars!!!!!!! Thanks, Orla Kiely for Target:)

The kitchen curtain the the bomb-diggity, don't ya think?

Will stretched a piece of my favorite fabric with stretcher bars. I love it! And the table and chairs is perfect.

Yum! Fake plastic fruit!

Our IKEA Expedit bookcase is double sided..... It acts as a framing device for our living room and serves as a bookcase and display for all of our good stuff.

I framed some of the paper dolls and stickers I picked up in Korea.

Picked up the "Marushka" piece at Artifacts for $12 bucks. Framed some sweet art from High Fructose magazine for the toilet area.

My corner of the bathroom is totally Asian-fied.

I am so happy to have a place to live that I love. I wake up everyday and think about how lucky I am to have a cute boy, a cute dog, and tons of cute stuff:) I am very fortunate.

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