Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I Won!!!!!

I WON!!!

I am super psyched cause I never win anything on eBay, but this time, I won these 2 little Dunny guys from the 2009 Dunny Series. They came as a set and the starting bid was just .99 cents. I put on a few fakie bids to make it look like a bidding war was already happening hoping it might ward away onlookers and I think the tactic worked. I ended up getting them for .99 cents plus $5 bucks shipping and handling. This is a pretty good deal, seeing as 1 blind-boxed Dunny is usually 7 or 8 bucks.

The first Dunny I won was the Mori Chack Gloomy Bear Dunny. Very cute and classic looking.

The second Dunny I won is the Shawnimal guy, complete with the magic wand and jeweled forhead.

I am pretty excited to get these guys in the mail and add them to my collection.

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