Tuesday, 27 October 2009

n2 Jewelry on Karmaloop.com

Where would my fantasy world of shopping be without Karmaloop.com? Seriously, I am soo in love with their stuff and was especially mesmerized by the amazing jewelry by n2. All of the pieces are very cartoon-ish and funky. They are simple and playful, yet modern and cool. The reaproppriated use of materials and pop influences just won my heart forever. If I could get just one piece, it would be the ultra funky lips and eye ring.

Monday, 26 October 2009

What I have been up to lately....

That's right.... NINTENDO DS!!!!!! Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is one trippy, bad ass game. It is part platform game, part RPG, and 100% addictive. I am at Bowser's castle and am ready to kick some ass!

New Art for the Apartment!

Today, Will helped me stretch some vintage fabric onto stretcher bars. I love the effect!

Owl Lamp is a Hoot

I finally got a my owl lamp together today! I found it last week at a top secret location and feel like the $3 bucks I paid for the base and 75 cents for the lamp shade, I feel like it was a pretty decent deal:)

Fits right in our retro-esque apartment!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sweet T's by Wildfox

As you all have probably figured out by now, even with an infinite amount of money, I can still find ways to go broke. I found these sweet t-shirts from Wildfox on Karmaloop.com and I am suddenly so in need of a sugar daddy that it isn't even funny anymore. Arn't they hot?!?!

Too bad each t-shirt costs between $70 and $90 bucks.

Wild Things Merch at Urban Outfitters

I always love a good hipster movie and Where the Wild Things Are has been no exception. The movie was a-mazing and very visually pleasing, if not down-right scary and creepy at times. The adorable Muppet-like Wild Things should win an award for best actor...... Just wonderful!

So everyone's favorite hipster store, Urban Outfitters, has created a sweet line-up of merch for everyone's favorite hipster book turned movie and I have to say, I love all of it.

Three Apples Gallery in LA to feature 35 Years of Hello Kitty


Buff Monster

In honor of her 35th year of life, Three Apples Gallery in LA is to feature Hello Kitty inspired art by the biggest names in the art world including Gary Baseman and Luke Chueh. Looks soo cute and artsy! Wish I lived in LA so I could go!!!

Colin Christian

Gary Baseman

Ron English

Oh Hello Kitty, how I love you so!!!

Hello Kitty Shooooooes!

In honor of her 35th birthday, Hello Kitty teamed up with Asics to make some bomb-ass Limited Edition kicks, which I happen to want really badly!!!!

Go to Sanrio.com if you wanna buy them for me:)

Friday, 9 October 2009

Home Sweet Home

This week, I went home on my day off to visit my Mom and Dad. I was a perfect fall day- breezy and cool but sunny and promising. I love the smell of the freshly fallen leaves in the air! Most notably, I took some photos of Spencer in the same places I first took photos of him this summer when we brought him home for the first time. Spencer is a big boy now at 6 months of age but still a bratty little monster always looking for trouble. Oh well, what can you expect out of a puppy?!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hard Candy at Walmart

Oh gigitty gigitty! I was super duper pumped to find out that one of my old favorites, Hard Candy, is now for sale at Walmart. It kinda sucks that former nail polish names like "Trailer Trash" and "Slut" had to be replaced with "Sweet Pea" and "Hypnotic" but whatever! Formerly, Hard Candy was only available at places like Sephora. Hard Candy's line of cosmetics is closely related to Urban Decay, it's slutty stepsister.

Most items are $5 bucks and everything I have tried so far has been just as good as the originals. Everything is packaged cleverly, the colors are amazing, and most items are glittery and reminicent of the late 90's.

I especially love the little lip sticks with the attatched ribbon. Sooo cute! The lipstick is smooth and moisturizing and the color is semi-sheer but packs a punch at the same time. The liquid eyeliner is another one of my favorites. It is available in tons of odd-ball colors, applies flawlessly, and stays on all day long without chipping or flaking off. The surprise hit of the collection is the baked blush I got on a whim. When I use my fingers to apply, it is sheer but shimmery and just goreous!!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Re-Ment Korean Food!!!

I have ALWAYS been a sucker for miniatures, and it waaaay back to the time when everyone else was having their first periods and making out with dudes in middle school.... I, meanwhile, was still wearing stretch pants with over-sized Mickey Mouse sweatshirts and playing with dolls and Legos and shit. I didn't curse, never even held a boy's hand, and certainly didn't know what "getting your cherry popped" meant. Oh, those were the days.

So what does middle schooler me have in common with 27 year old me? We both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dollhouse miniatures!!!!!

I totally spent $5 bucks on a Japanese Re-Ment set designed to look like airline food. My set includes Korean favorites such as Bimimbop, Kimchi, and steamed rice. Horray!