Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wild Things Merch at Urban Outfitters

I always love a good hipster movie and Where the Wild Things Are has been no exception. The movie was a-mazing and very visually pleasing, if not down-right scary and creepy at times. The adorable Muppet-like Wild Things should win an award for best actor...... Just wonderful!

So everyone's favorite hipster store, Urban Outfitters, has created a sweet line-up of merch for everyone's favorite hipster book turned movie and I have to say, I love all of it.


Emily said...

That really was an amazing and absolutely lovely film! And the merch for it is pretty great, too. Although, yesterday I saw some adult-sized replicas of Max's wolf suit for $610 and they were sold out, which is a bit ridiculous. Lol.

Michael said...

loving you blog as always!