Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hard Candy at Walmart

Oh gigitty gigitty! I was super duper pumped to find out that one of my old favorites, Hard Candy, is now for sale at Walmart. It kinda sucks that former nail polish names like "Trailer Trash" and "Slut" had to be replaced with "Sweet Pea" and "Hypnotic" but whatever! Formerly, Hard Candy was only available at places like Sephora. Hard Candy's line of cosmetics is closely related to Urban Decay, it's slutty stepsister.

Most items are $5 bucks and everything I have tried so far has been just as good as the originals. Everything is packaged cleverly, the colors are amazing, and most items are glittery and reminicent of the late 90's.

I especially love the little lip sticks with the attatched ribbon. Sooo cute! The lipstick is smooth and moisturizing and the color is semi-sheer but packs a punch at the same time. The liquid eyeliner is another one of my favorites. It is available in tons of odd-ball colors, applies flawlessly, and stays on all day long without chipping or flaking off. The surprise hit of the collection is the baked blush I got on a whim. When I use my fingers to apply, it is sheer but shimmery and just goreous!!!

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