Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Re-Ment Korean Food!!!

I have ALWAYS been a sucker for miniatures, and it waaaay back to the time when everyone else was having their first periods and making out with dudes in middle school.... I, meanwhile, was still wearing stretch pants with over-sized Mickey Mouse sweatshirts and playing with dolls and Legos and shit. I didn't curse, never even held a boy's hand, and certainly didn't know what "getting your cherry popped" meant. Oh, those were the days.

So what does middle schooler me have in common with 27 year old me? We both LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dollhouse miniatures!!!!!

I totally spent $5 bucks on a Japanese Re-Ment set designed to look like airline food. My set includes Korean favorites such as Bimimbop, Kimchi, and steamed rice. Horray!

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Emily said...

Aw, so tiny and adorable! :D