Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Lusting for Mid-Century Modern

Right now, I would practically give a kidney for some quality mid-century modern furniture. All you can find at Goodwill now-a-days is pissed on old floral couches from 1992 that the cat used as a scratching post. I have even been scouring craigslist in search of something halfway decent to outfit out new apartment. Where's a lady to get swank furniture?

I don't care if the furniture is uncomfortable. That is not the point. I just want it to look visually pleasing and dazzle the eye.

Give me orange, pea green, and rusty brown. Give me shag, leather, and vinyl. Give me shiny metal hardware and wood backing. I want pretty furniture, please!

$2 Dollar Mushroom Rug

Dang universe, you must have read my mind yesterday cause this rug I found at the Crowded Closet is to die for perfect and only $2 bucks! May my collection of ugly shag rugs ever expand. Amen!

Da' Dawg Park

Even though Spencer is the tiniest dog of them all, he really seems to enjoy going to the dog park. At first, all of the dogs surround him and sniff him out, then, Spencer looks for a shady spot to hang out, and finally, he musters up enough courage to half-ass chase after another dog.

A few days ago, Spencer spent the bulk of his time chewing up a stick. Go figure!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Retro Mugs

Inspired by Style File's blog entry on retro mugs, I went on a search to find some retro mugs for myself. I scoured the thrift shops high and low and you can guess where I found the coolest of the cool mug...... At the Crowded Closet, of course!

Here are the mugs featured on Style Files:

And here is my bad ass horoscope mug from the Crowded Closet. It says on the bottom that it was hand painted in Japan so it has to be pretty old, I would say. I love it and I must find more!

Candy Cigarettes for the kids

I found a real treasure at the country market while I was shopping for meat with my mom- CANDY CIGARETTES! I thought they outlawed these cause they encourage kids to smoke, but nope, for only 20 cents a pack, kids can get practice smoking with Lucky Lights and Round Up candy cigarettes. Sweeeeeetness!

Puppy Vision 2.0

My little child Spencer is growing up. The little guy has definitely put on a few pounds in the week or so that we have had him, and has become so comfortable with us that he gets kinda puppy craaaaa-zy at times as well. Also, I have noticed Spencer has grown in some of his coarser adult fur, which makes me sad that our little guy is growing up :(

Spencer tried to give Hello Kitty a lobotomy. Sadly, she could not scream for help because she has no mouth.

Our puppy sitting in "jail" for the first time ever. AKA, the kennel. Poor little guy has the jail house blues!

Told ya he's getting bigger! But he still has his puppy dog charm.

We got Spencer his big boy bowls the other day. At first, he was scared of it because the metal identification tag on his collar would clank against the bowl..... But he got over that pretty fast!

Our pup taking a break from the heat at the dog park. Spencer rolled in a puddle of water and laid in the shade, like the cool dog he is. This is one of my favorite pictures because you can see the little puppy paw prints all over the place.

Yup, he likes to crash out on his back.

Stay tuned for scenes of Spencer going to the bars for the first time. Our little boy going to the bar at age 11 weeks!

Friday, 26 June 2009

In the Garage

On Father's Day, I spent some time in the garage with my dad and checked out what he has been working on. I really admire my dad's handiness and sense of organization. He has one of the most highly organized garages I have ever seen! Every tool has it's place.

My dad made this rolling tool box at work out of scrap metal. I was amazed at the details he put into it and the ingenious design. My dad makes stuff! What does your dad do?

Hanging in his locker is a super cute photo of me from when I was a high schooler along with a photo of a 56 Nomad.

This is the front end of my Dad's Corvette. Jealous much?

Here are photos of my Dad's 39 Ford. This car is in primo condition with a cream vinyl interior. I always loved playing inside of this car as a kid.

My Dad always has a naked lady calendar hanging in the garage just to mark the territory as man territory. And plus, he gets it for free every year from the car parts store down the road.

This is the mini bike my brother and I would ride around on as kids. It is totally kid sized and used to be street legal. Imagine that!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Digging up old photos....

I have come to realize that I have not always been the best at documenting life..... I was trying to find some photos of Will and I when we first started dating and I can barely find a single photo for the first year of our dating. Sheesh! The only reasons I can think why this is so is because we were dating long distance and only saw one another on weekends and I hated the way I looked at the time. But still!

Here's to documenting life, no matter how silly or ugly it might be! Cheers!

Will and I look like absolute kids here. This was taken at the Mill in the fall of 2006.

This photo sucks. Well, Will looks OK. I was kinda chunky looking. Anyhow, this was St. Patty's Day, March 2007.

Will turns 21! Pre-drunk, I think.

Our first anniversary! September 2007.

Will and I at the Mill again... September 2007.

Halloween 2007.

His mom said she needed a holiday photo so we took this one in front of the tree. December 2007.

The Life of a Dog

I have a strong feeling our puppy Spencer is going to grow up soo very quickly, therefore, I am going to do my best to document his growth and his progress. He was born on April 10th, 2009 and Spencer left home for the first time and became part of our pack on Friday, June 19th. We are very fortunate the website for Denning Farms accurately documented the life of our pup since day 1. Our little guy is growing up!

April 16, 2009

April 23, 2009
May 2, 2009

May 10, 2009

May 21, 2009

June 19, 2009

At this point, we have had out puppy for about a week and he has taken to his new lifestyle pretty well. More or less, he is pampered and spoiled. Spencer quickly learned his name, to come when called, sit down, and lay down. He is such a smart boy!

Stay tuned for more puppy updates!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Father's Day Toaster

A toaster for Father's Day? First, let me explain......................

Last year right before Will and I moved into our new apartment, we took a visit to my parent's house. My Mom and Dad had just got a new toaster, replacing the crappy old one they had used for about the last 15 years or so. With their old toaster, you had to hold down the bar and struggle a bit to keep the toast down. Their new toaster, however, was frickin' awesome!

Well, Will and I needed a toaster for our new place so jokingly, I grabbed the toaster and my Mom said, "Go ahead, take it. I don't mind." I felt kinda guilty but it was a nice toaster so Will and I took it to our new place. That night, my parents plugged in their old, junky toaster and struggled to make the toast in that ragged thing once again.

So this year for Father's Day, I was able to pick up an amazing Hamilton Beach chrome toaster that can toast 4 slices at once. I felt it would be quite humorous and even a bit thoughtful to pick my Dad up a toaster. So now when you were thinking, "A toaster for Father's Day? How lame!" You can instead think, "Damn, Sara is pretty frickin' clever and funny."

Look at that baby sparkle!!!

My Dad was very pleased with his new toaster and proceeded to make lots of toast on Sunday morning. He went from having a stinky garage sale toaster to having the total Cadillac of toasters, a chrome Hamilton Beach.

P.S. My Dad's 'stache is pretty cool, right?