Sunday, 7 June 2009

Fun at Petland

Will and I have been talking alot about getting a puppy lately. We finally found an apartment that will allow us to have dogs and are counting down the days until we can move in. In the mean time, one can always fill their need to play with a puppy by taking a trip to Petland. When one goes to Petland on a puppy petting trip, you know damn well that you are not buying a dog and I am pretty sure the employees at Petland can sense this as well. They are pretty chill and just let you play with the puppy (or whichever pet you choose) and leave you alone.

We definitely had fun at Petland checking out all of the little critters. It was fun to see the reaction on little Aurora's face when she saw some of these animals. The birds especially seemed to equally intrigue and frighten her. I remember going ape-shit for the pets at our local pet store as a kid, so I can imagine how giddy it probably made her feel!!!!

We played with the softest, cutest, most cuddly Eskimo puppy. What a cutie!!!

Will would love to take home any of these little guys. His heart easily melts for the playfulness of a little pup.

Aurora totally loved petting the little pup as well. She is surprisingly gentle to the little puppy but I was still a little bit afraid she would hurt it and we would get stuck buying an injured puppy from Petland!

Don't worry, Kendra. Those birds scare us, too!!!

Parokeets are pretty but soooo frickin' annoying. They never shut up.

I wanted to steal some of thier colorful feathers. Hmmm, is that unethical?

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