Sunday, 21 June 2009

Vend, vend, Gacha Pon!

My good friend Stacy is in the process of producing a film! I am even more taken by her ambition by the fact that she decided to make it a Japanese language film. Best of all, I am pretty sure I get to help make it. Awesome!

Screenplay By: Stacy Craft
Directed By: Stacy Craft
Produced By: Matt Fee & Stacy Craft & MumoJumo Productions

Vend (Gacha Pon) - ガチャポン is a quirky, dark romance that explores the binding power of our abnormalities.

This is a Japanese language film.

When shy, young Mieko seeks medical assistance for a strange condition affecting her throat, she is turned away because of her inability to pay for her doctor’s services. Before any kind of treatment can be given, he recommends that Mieko seek out the financial services of a man specializing in private loans. Enter Katsumi, a man of resources, who is immediately transfixed by the discolored lump that Mieko attempts to hide under a silk scarf. When Mieko flees his office after suffering a fit of coughing, an incident that ultimately furthers the mystery surrounding her abnormality, Katsumi discovers that he and Mieko may have more in common than their mutual acquaintance with the avaricious physician. Searching out the young woman with the aid of items left behind during her erratic departure, Katsumi helps Mieko overcome her affliction – a illness that cannot be solved by modern medicine, but instead by tenderness and understanding.

..............I like the idea of a man being oddly turned on by a woman's strange illness and am eager to see how things pan out. My friend Stacy has long been talented with video and storytelling, and I look forward to seeing what types of tricks she has under her sleeve. Stay posted for more as the story and the movie production progesses!

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