Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Lovely Trip to Artifacts

When thinking about Iowa City, one might first think of the University of Iowa or drinking downtown, but what I think of most is the wonderful little shops we are so blessed to have! At the top of my list would be Artifacts because it is always jam packed with kitchy, cool, fabulous finds from eras past. And besides that, you gotta love whoever is behind the desk! Almost everyone who steps foot into the store for an afternoon or browsing and treasure hunting is sure to get into a lively conversation with either Todd, the owner, or Heather, the fantastic lady behind all of those great handmade signs throughout the store. Her handwriting and doodles are simply adorable!

Artifacts is located on the corner of Gilbert Street, right across from John's Grocery, the Bluebird Diner, and the Foxhead, the local watering hole favored mostly by hip grad students.

You can always find Todd behind the desk waiting to help you out.

Some of Heather's handiwork on the side of the cash register.

I have always adored Artifacts for the insane density of visual stimuli they have waiting for you at every corner. The store is packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling with interesting things waiting to be discovered.

Oh my gosh!!!! This sign is sooo cute, I just wanted to eat it up and absorb some of it's cuteness!

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Emily said...

Oh, Artifacts, how I miss you...

Love the photos, Sara! Makes me seriously wish I were there. I haven't been there since mid-March.