Sunday, 7 June 2009

Going to the Iowa City Art Fair is really all about the food, not art!

This afternoon, it didn't rain as forecast so my friends from Burlington and I were able to take a trip down to the Iowa City Arts Fair. Now I am not going to discredit the actual art down at the art fair, but in my humble opinion, the best part of the Iowa City Art Fair is the food!!!!

I totally got more steak-on-a-stick. We all did. Meat is amazing, and when it is juicy and bbq'ed just right on a stick, it is to die for. Love it! Today was also kid's day down at the art fair so we got to play with Kendra's daughter and play a bit ourselves, too!

Kendra and I tearing at our meat-on-a-stick like cavemen.

Will and I loving the great weather and cuddling on a bench together.

Kendra putting some style into eating her steak. And yes, we totally ate in the alley.

Iowa City has great Gyros pretty much year round from the cart in the Ped Mall. Anyone who does not live in Iowa City must devour one of these when they visit. Kendra knows what's up!

Kendra and I will make excellent bag ladies someday.

Justin modeling his birth control glasses. Woo hooo!

It was pretty hot today so we stopped for a break in the shade.

Getting Aurora to say "I love my two dads" was classic!

Aurora took full advantage of her new pony, Will and proceeded to ride on his shoulders all afternoon.

We played dress up at one of the kids day events in the Ped Mall. I think Aurora looks like a sorcerer here. Or, you know, Harry Potter. Whatever.


Aurora chowing down on some juicy steak... On Will's head!

This kid is totally going to rebel and become a vegetarian someday.

Holding down Aurora to get a good photo.

I like to play dress up too!

All of the little girls were going ga-ga over the dress up stuff. It was pretty funny.

Will got himself a hotdog. Yummers!!!

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