Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Da' Dawg Park

Even though Spencer is the tiniest dog of them all, he really seems to enjoy going to the dog park. At first, all of the dogs surround him and sniff him out, then, Spencer looks for a shady spot to hang out, and finally, he musters up enough courage to half-ass chase after another dog.

A few days ago, Spencer spent the bulk of his time chewing up a stick. Go figure!


Emily said...

Damn, Spencer is just the cutest little puppy ever!! I can't wait to meet him! :-D

Lindsay said...

sara you are the whitest person i know! haha! love the dog!

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Dude, tell me about it! And that photo is after I photoshopped some of the whiteness out!!!! I guess I had to learn to love me for how I am, regardless of the apparent albino genetics. Eh.