Monday, 22 June 2009

Introducing Spencer, Our New Puppy!!!!

Will and I are very happy to introduce our new puppy, Spencer!!!! On Thursday afternoon, I Googled where to get Welsh Corgi puppies and found the website for Denning Farms, a local breeder who had Corgi pups ready to go just a few miles South of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I emailed the breeder and got a reply back that evening. After making a few phone calls, the breeder and I arranged a time to come and see the Corgi pup for sale on her farm. He was the last little guy left! The clearance puppy!

Of course, we couldn't resist the little guy so we payed up and the kind lady handed over some kibble and the AKC registration papers. Our new puppy took one last romp with his family before we left his home for good.

Will was having soo much fun petting the grown up Corgis. They were sooo friendly!

This was kind of sad. Our little guy said one last goodbye to his mother before he left his pack to join ours. Seriously, kinda made me wanna cry!

Will was soooooooooo giddy! Spencer! Our new pup!

Spencer looked a bit unsure on the car ride back to my parent's house, which we stayed at all weekend.

Don't worry little guy, we will take good care of you!!!!

Our pup loved to run around freely at my parent's house. They have tons of grass for him to romp around in and soo much new stuff to explore.

Pretty much instantly, our new pet rid himself of his insecurity and dove right into his new life whole-heartedly. What a fearless puppy!

Spencer started to get a little roudy right away.

My puppy! OH MAN! I love him:)

I love this photo. A man and his dog. Awwww!

Spencer is such a photogenic doggy. What a ham.

My mom pretty much adored him, even though she was scared to death that he might pee on her carpet.

What a good looking pup. He looks like a fox in the face with big, perky bat ears attatched at the top.

Spencer likes to take a big run and then rest for a bit in the middle of the yard.

Look at that tongue! What a happy boy!

The little guy likes to snooze in the car.

Aurora loved playing with the little puppy. Here, she is trying to get him to drink some water, but is more or less playing with the water.

That is one passed out puppy.

Will is equally tired and joins in for a nap. I had no clue how exhausting raising a puppy would be.

Our first family photo!!!!!

We took Spencer to the beach but sadly, his is kind of an indoor kid. On the farm, he was kept in a nice, air conditioned garage and never had to deal with the hot sun or dirty old pond water.

Spencer gave it a try and then decided to say hi to everyone on the beach instead..... Including jumping into this little kid's sand castle.

Explorer pup! Taking it little bit by little bit with those tiny little legs of his.

Instead of getting abused by the sun like Will and I, Spencer spent his day under the picnic table in the nice cool sand. He even dug into it a little bit to make it more cool.

Our guy passed out down here most of the afternoon.

I love this one because you can get a glimpse of his sand covered nose.

My puppy has a heart on his butt! I love this, as it turns the grossest part of a dog's body into something pretty frickin' cute.

Chewy Mc Chewster and his new toys.

All in all, our first few days with our new puppy have been pretty amazing. Spencer is fearless, playful, loving, cute, and extremely intelligent. It took about 5 minutes of work to get him to come to his name, he can heel behind your feet as you walk, and he has learned to sit already. Housebreaking him has been super easy so far, and he really seems to have bonded well with Will and I. Spencer is the best puppy, ever!


glow owl said...

i can't fucking stand it. cutest. dog. ever.

you are gonna be a great mommy to spencer. (and will's gna be a great papa!)

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

You seriously have to meet him before he gets any bigger!!!! I have a feeling his is going to grow quickly, as he is a total chow hound:)

Autumnfall said...

how cute!! i'm so happy for you guys! Spencer looks like a fun puppy, I can't wait to meet him!