Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pimped Out Snuggie

When I first got back from Korea a few months ago, I realized I had missed a few modern phenomena, one of the most amazing of which being THE SNUGGIE. I mean, FUCK!!!! This thing is perfect for any cult member, or you could even think of joining Polyphonic Spree for the next leg of their tour. It keeps you wickedly warm while keeping your hands free to hold a baby, talk on the phone, or even read a book! I feel I was missing out when I came back to America and found out a blanket with sleeves had been invented! What next? Flying cars?!?!?!

ModHomeEcTeacher one upped the generic "As Seen On TV" Snuggie and made her own, plus pimped that mo fo out! Yeeeeeeah boooooy! On her blog are step-by-step instructions to making your very own Snuggie, cause I know you totally wanna!

This is one Snuggie that will truely rock your world!

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