Friday, 26 June 2009

In the Garage

On Father's Day, I spent some time in the garage with my dad and checked out what he has been working on. I really admire my dad's handiness and sense of organization. He has one of the most highly organized garages I have ever seen! Every tool has it's place.

My dad made this rolling tool box at work out of scrap metal. I was amazed at the details he put into it and the ingenious design. My dad makes stuff! What does your dad do?

Hanging in his locker is a super cute photo of me from when I was a high schooler along with a photo of a 56 Nomad.

This is the front end of my Dad's Corvette. Jealous much?

Here are photos of my Dad's 39 Ford. This car is in primo condition with a cream vinyl interior. I always loved playing inside of this car as a kid.

My Dad always has a naked lady calendar hanging in the garage just to mark the territory as man territory. And plus, he gets it for free every year from the car parts store down the road.

This is the mini bike my brother and I would ride around on as kids. It is totally kid sized and used to be street legal. Imagine that!

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