Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Father's Day Toaster

A toaster for Father's Day? First, let me explain......................

Last year right before Will and I moved into our new apartment, we took a visit to my parent's house. My Mom and Dad had just got a new toaster, replacing the crappy old one they had used for about the last 15 years or so. With their old toaster, you had to hold down the bar and struggle a bit to keep the toast down. Their new toaster, however, was frickin' awesome!

Well, Will and I needed a toaster for our new place so jokingly, I grabbed the toaster and my Mom said, "Go ahead, take it. I don't mind." I felt kinda guilty but it was a nice toaster so Will and I took it to our new place. That night, my parents plugged in their old, junky toaster and struggled to make the toast in that ragged thing once again.

So this year for Father's Day, I was able to pick up an amazing Hamilton Beach chrome toaster that can toast 4 slices at once. I felt it would be quite humorous and even a bit thoughtful to pick my Dad up a toaster. So now when you were thinking, "A toaster for Father's Day? How lame!" You can instead think, "Damn, Sara is pretty frickin' clever and funny."

Look at that baby sparkle!!!

My Dad was very pleased with his new toaster and proceeded to make lots of toast on Sunday morning. He went from having a stinky garage sale toaster to having the total Cadillac of toasters, a chrome Hamilton Beach.

P.S. My Dad's 'stache is pretty cool, right?

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