Friday, 5 June 2009

Goodwill Finds!

Ahhhh, Goodwill! Gotta love searching for bargains on a lovely day off. Today, I spent under $10 bucks and came away with a new dress, an embroidered peasant top, brand new slip-on style Crocs for the summer, and a few knick-knacks. Yippy!

Here we have what I am assuming is a "No dogs" sign in French or something. 38 cents.

I frickin' love my very vintage and hand embroidered peasant top. This thing fits perfectly and is in perfect condition. $3.38

The dress is mid-90's and very much reminiscent of something Brenda would wear on Beverly Hills, 90210. $5.38 The insane necklace was actually picked up at Goodwill a few weeks earlier for $1.38. Boo ya!

Thrift shopping always gives me such a thrill and a smug sense of satisfaction:)

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kelseycliche said...

ahh that embroidered top is really cute! Good finds! If I ever end up in Iowa City, we should definitely go thriftin' together.