Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Ever sent a text drunk and regretted it the next day when you saw it sitting pretty in your INBOX? Maybe a visit to "Texts from last night" will cheer you up.

A big word up and thanks is due to my girl Kendra for cluing me into the ultra funny website- TXTS FRM LST NGHT.COM. A.K.A. - Texts from last night. We have all done it and maybe even have a few sitting in our mailbox right now- stupid text messages. The text messages from this website are hilarious, especially since the are anonymous and completely taken out of context. One will surely get a good chuckle out of

Here are a few fine examles taken straight from the site:

(323): question: masturbation: how much is too much? I think i’m about to tip toe a fine line

(703): She highfived me after i yelled “I’m the clit-commander!” when i came. kevin smith fan and clearly a keeper

(856): i just shit an entire soup salad and breadsticks from the olive garden… bud light wins again.

(513): god help us all. i just saw an infant wearing a onesie that said “i don’t know who my daddy is”

ANNNNND, my all-time favorite and Kendra's too:

(780): Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas a gay? I need you to google search it for me. Its important

Totally go to the site and laugh your ass of, OK?

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Autumnfall said...

That site could keep you entertained for hours (considering you had nothing better to do than read anonymous texts).

By the way, I decided to start my own blog, so check it out!