Thursday, 4 June 2009

Happy Birthday, Pam!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Pam!!!!

Pam wanted to go somewhere a bit classy for her birthday, so we went to Atlas for a fancy drink. Her martini had blue cheese stuffed olives in it! Wow!

I finally got to wear my pink floral Tracy Feith skirt and top. I felt like a living doll in it!

Nate and Michelle chillin' with their ultra-expensive drinks.

Jess doing one of those, "I'm not ready to have my picture taken!" poses. Or more like she was ready to kill Michelle for sticking her hand in front of the camera 50 million times.

Oooooh, Pam! You are looking like you are up to something naughty!

Nate always tries to make the funniest faces when getting his picture taken. Or maybe he is not trying?

Will and his Blue Moon.

I have no clue what Pam did to this ketchup but..........

When Will opened it, it exploded everywhere! What a terrible, smelly mess! The ketchup was all over his hand, all over his shirt and pants and all over my new shirt and skirt. Gross.

Here he is faking pain from the explosion.

Our only moment of humor with the ketchup explosion before we went home to get out of our disgusting, ketchupy clothes. Yuck! What a buzzkill!

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