Saturday, 6 June 2009

Friday Night at the Iowa City Arts Fair

Friday night was the perfect night to enjoy good food and people watching at the Iowa City Art Fair. The weather was warm and sunny, and everyone in the town came out to enjoy food from one of the many vendors on the street. Our friends Michelle and Nate met up with us to get some grub. Our first stop? Masala. Can't beat Indian food at a great price. Yum!

Also notable was the meat-on-a-stick. For $4 bucks, you big stick with giant chunks of steak just barely browned on the outside and bloody delicious on the inside. Will really enjoyed his new tin cup from Wild Bill's soda booth. The refills were endless for the night. Amazing!

Michelle and Nate in line for some Masala.

A whole plate of Indian food for only $6 bucks. Not too bad.

Nate and Michelle chowing down on the good stuff.

Warning: Do not feed the animals!

We all pretty much look like dorks but you get the picture. I think I am blinking. Thanks, Will!

Me and my meat-on-a-stick. Reminds me of being in Korea again!

Wild Bill's insanely good soda out of a barrel.

Will choose Root Beer, of course!

Me modeling Will's new tin cup and trying out some cream soda.

Will totally went the cheap route and got a hotdog to go with his orange soda.

All in all, I am glad I went to the Art Fair even though I didn't really see any art and the music was pretty bland and lame. But the food and the people watching- top notch! Every freak, hot babe, cute dog, rich bitch, and hippy in town was out for the evening!!!!


glow owl said...

where DOES michelle find her bras?

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Ha ha ha!!!! I dunno, you had better ask her!