Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Lusting for Mid-Century Modern

Right now, I would practically give a kidney for some quality mid-century modern furniture. All you can find at Goodwill now-a-days is pissed on old floral couches from 1992 that the cat used as a scratching post. I have even been scouring craigslist in search of something halfway decent to outfit out new apartment. Where's a lady to get swank furniture?

I don't care if the furniture is uncomfortable. That is not the point. I just want it to look visually pleasing and dazzle the eye.

Give me orange, pea green, and rusty brown. Give me shag, leather, and vinyl. Give me shiny metal hardware and wood backing. I want pretty furniture, please!


Kimberly D. said...

It is hard to find! I had more luck with Mod stuff when I lived in Austin. Now that I'm back in small-town-west-Texas it is all rustic country crap. I guess it just depends on where you live.

Autumnfall said...

you know, it's really funny that you posted this because last night i was having a dream that you and i were at that furniture store in iowa city with all the hip decor.

glow owl said...

could NOT agree with you more. i love this style.

midmodclassics said...

You can check out lushpad.com as well. Its a great web site specializing in mid-century modern furniture. People sell stuff on there all across North America.