Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mom and Dad

My parents have had quite the legendary marriage for going on 27 years. From the very beginning, the details of their dating were a bit foggy. Being the early 80's, I am not surprised. The exact date in which they started to date is unclear as are who asked who to marry and the birth of their first child..... Me!

My parents went to the same high school and though they were only 1 year different in grade level, they never knew of one another until their mid-20's. My mom was a hippy-stoner chic and my dad was a greaser guy who also enjoyed a stint in orchestra playing the only cool instrument in the gang- the upright bass. My mom is the older woman in the relationship by 1 year. She graduated the Class of 1974 and my dad graduated the Class of 1975.

The details of their first "hook up" go as such:

My mom knew of my dad because he drove a Harley motorcycle and my dad has killer parties at his house, but never really talked to him at these parties. My dad, on the other hand, must have liked my mom cause he was always asking her to dance with him at the local bars at night.

Well, according to my mom, she might have been with his best friend at the time of the "hook up" but started to talk to my dad around the keg of a big party. Well, put a bit too much beer into 2 people and add a magical kiss around the keg, and the rest is history!!!

The couple wed in May 1981 at the courthouse. How romantic, right?

Supposedly, the judge asked them more than once,
are you sure you want to do this?

A full year later, baby me was born. My parents were poor and lived in the house next to my grandparents, where there was little heat. My dad left Iowa to find work in Oklahoma for most of my first year of life.

My dad had killer awesome sideburns and a nice 'fro going on. He is pictured here at the little house next to his parent's house setting me on the wood burner.

My dad and his dad. Sadly, my grandpa died 2 years later a day or two before my brother was born.

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Oooooh I loved these pictures!
Your parents are super awesome!