Sunday, 4 April 2010

Calling All Lonely People!!!!

Let's be honest for a moment.  I have no fucking friends.  I get depressed about it almost daily.  It's embarrassing that I only have my dog and boyfriend to hang out with.  I am acquainted with alot of cool people but none of them are ever responsive when I ask to hang out.  Everyone I know is either married, happily coupled, or has kids.  When it comes time for some quality hang out time, those people are not my go-to activity partners.  I ask if they would like to join  me in the activity and I get shut down every time.  I have accepted this.  I am trying to get over it.

So what I am left with is myself.  I used to believe that there was something wrong with me because there have been times in my life where I had no friends. I understand that the people I currently know are too busy to hang out with or live too far away so I have to figure out a way to make new friends.  As an adult, making new friends is hard.  Most other 27 year olds don't have time to hang out and already have all of the friends they need.  

At this point, I can't get that picky.  My main requirement is that they are female so I don't make my boyfriend jealous.  I do have a few other requirements but they are very basic.

I want a friend who:

-Likes animals

-Likes to go shopping

-Does not do drugs or drink heavily

-Lives in the Iowa City area

There ya go.  So if you don't currently have a bestest friend ever and wanna be my friend, contact me!   We can hang out, go shopping together, go to the dog park, try new restaurants, and watch movies together.  On your birthday, I am sure to give you a decent present and I will love you forever!

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Justine said...

I'll be your friend Sara! The only problem is that I often visit the IC area but am still stuck in B-town! :( We can even get tattoos together if you want! haha