Thursday, 29 April 2010

Jobby Job Job

So it has been about a week and a half now since I quit my job and it has been the best week and a half ever!!!  Days off!  Wooo!  I have time to relax, hang out with friends, cook, take the dog to the dog park, and go hiking.  AND, I have been applying for more jobs than a person could ever handle in a lifetime!!!!

Today, I had 2 second interviews and one initial interview, which 2 of the 3 resulted in job offers.  My new job will start May 17th, on my birthday.  Tomorrow, I take the drug test, which will be cake, and then what to do for another 2 weeks?  

I will be broke for most of May and this means no more dining out and instead, eating what has been stocked away in my cupboards.  I have about 6 cans of tuna, 10 cans of soup, 5 cake mixes, ramen, spaghetti noodles, and frozen and canned veggies galore.  Maybe I will lose weight in the month of May afterall?  

Life is changing and I am happy for the change.  Anyone who knows me will say that I am always moving around and trying new things.  Hopefully, my new job will be a career or lead me on the path to more permanent employment because to be perfectly honest with you, I am not getting where I want to in life by moving every six months and changing jobs all of the damn time.

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