Monday, 2 November 2009

This year, I am going to learn to like Chirstmas....

I hate to be a drag on all humanity and goodwill but I so happen to hate Chirstmas. I hate the colors red and green. I hate the corny commercialization of it all. I even hate Santa Claus. Since I have a child this year (Spencer the dog), I am going to give my best effort to learn to like Chirstmas. The catch is that I must do Chirstmas my way the way I like it. This means that all of the decorations have to be gaudy, strange, and vintage and gifts have to be flippin' sweet, hip, and one-of-a-kind. Nobody is getting a sweater or bath set this year. Chances are strong that I still will not enjoy all of the sentimental bullshit others enjoy during the holidays but at the very least, maybe this year I will be able to put on a happy face and act like I like this stupid fucking holiday for the sake of the ones I love.

Today, I hit up the Crowded Closet for some cute Christmas decorations and came home with a few things. Well, some are not exactly Christmas-y but it is the best I can do without gagging. Will wants us to get a Christmas tree this year and I am begging for one of those wacky retro tinsel ones. Maybe a blue one!!!!!!

I figure, if I start the fake enthusiasm early on in the holiday season, I may be able to fool myself and actually start to like it! We will just have to see how this turns out as time goes on.

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