Sunday, 29 November 2009

Christmas Treeeeeeee!

Will and I put up the Christmas tree the other day and it is very cute! We got a little tree at Hobby Lobby 1/2 off, a set of glass ornaments, some cheesy tinsel garland, and fancy twinkle lights. The tree seemed to be missing something so I started to search the house for other stuff to add. I spotted my fake fruit and thought, "Genius idea!" After the fake fruit, I then added some fake Hawaiian flowers into the branches as well. Our tree turned out beautifully! I love it.

Last night, Will and I turned out all of room lights and turned on the Christmas tree. We watched it twinkle until we drifted asleep. I felt very nostalgic and happy for this:)

Our wreath. I love this thing. I paid 50 cents for it!


Emily said...

Christmas decorations! I decorated my mom's house this past weekend and am decorating the apartment today! I'll have to make a Christmas post, as well!

Anonymous said...

that tree is adorable!