Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Day Spencer the Dog Ate Xylitol Gum

Today, I was scared for Spency's life.  Spencer and I ran into the Co-Op to get some Quinoa (kinda like rice only better), and when I came out, he had eaten what was left of my pack of Orbit gum.  I think there was only 6-8 pieces of gum left in the package, thank goodness.  Still, I know that Xylitol can be so bad for dogs that it can kill him we went to Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails, the emergency vet in Iowa City.  They gave Spencer a shot of apomoriphine and he was barfing it all out less than 30 seconds later.  Added bonus, he also barfed out the Quinoa, which he scarfed down, unbeknown to me that he had also gotten into it when I ran into the vet for a second without him.

All in all, I think my little doggie is going to be alright. I was super scared last night, cause if the Xylitol got into his bloodstream, the vet said his blood sugar could drop dangerously low and he could pass out or go into a coma.  Also, larger amounts of Xylitol can cause major liver damage.  Some dogs have made it through and then had to be put down due to the delayed liver damage.  Hopefully, there is no liver damage in Spencer.  Poor pooch now gets sneaked a Pepcid in cheese to calm his tummy and I cooked him rice and hamburger.  Lucky dog!

I am very thankful that Spencer is OK.  

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