Sunday, 9 May 2010

Yay for the Midwest Teen Sex Show!!!!

Tonite was a fantastic and relaxing end to a lovely weekend.  I met up with friends for coffee and afterwards, we watched the infamous Betty White on SNL episode that had aired last night.  Thank God for Hulu.  Betty White is such an amazing 88 1/2 year old woman!

After this, I felt like trying out my culinary skills by making homemade potato chips and black bean dip.  A big thanks to my lovely friend Devyani for the cooking expertise!  The chips were made from thinly sliced red potatoes and were lightly covered with oil and flavored with salt, pepper, and rosemary.  They were then baked at 350 degrees for a long time, but it was very worth it!

The dip turned out well too.  I am pretty broke right now so I am cooking with canned goods that have been collecting dust in my cupboard for quite some time now.  I took a can of black beans and added in some diced tomatoes, along with some sauted garlic and onion and then seasoned to taste.  I am really starting to like cooking and as an added bonus, I will get to eat more healthy things as well.

While the cooking was taking place, Devyani and I watched my new favorite, the Midwest Teen Sex Show.  Kudos to the amazing and talented crew who have put together this hilarious and informative show.  Tonight, I learned all about Fetishes, Gym Class, the Penis, and Female Masturbation.  A very interesting evening indeed!

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