Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The A-mazing Tracy Feith for Target Line

I feel like I have been clothes deprived for some time now. Most of my summer clothes are quite old and beat up, or reminiscent of the time I worked at Hot Topic. Let's just say I am soo over skimpy skull print tank tops and mini skirts with Hello Kitty.

So imagine my joy when Target released the amazing and incredible Tracy Feith line on my birthday! Tracy Feith is this surfer dude whose rad designs are the perfect mix of retro chic and comfie cool. I love the bold patterns and awesome retro fit of the pieces.

After trying on pretty much the entire collection, I decided on the orange and yellow hooded pullover dress, the crazy daisy printed top, and the crazy daisy printed skirt. Worn together, the crazy daisy top and skirt look like a vintage party dress, and there are a million and one ways to wear each piece seperate. I wore the orange and yellow hooded pullover dress today and received random compliments from strangers! Crazy!

The print for the dress is really nice. The fabric is a heavier weight woven, and I also really enjoy the gold metal zipper in front. Best of all, the dress has pockets!!!! This is one of those dresses you can throw on when you don't really want to wear clothes but you might get arrested if you left the house with nude! Sooo comfie and easy to wear!

The crazy daisy print won my heart over with its retro cuteness! Gotta love the pink, and I know it will make me feel happy everytime I wear the skirt or top.

There are about a million other pieces from this line that I really, really want including the embroidered top in lollipop red. A-dorable! Unfortunately, each store usually only gets one of each size and they were out of the size medium in this top. Grrrrr!

Be warned, the sizes on this clothing line were kind of wonky. I ended up getting a medium in the top and the dress and I am sooo not a size medium. (I usually wear a size large or x-large top.) And as for the skirts, they ran very small. Other than that, I am very satisfied that I spent my birthday money on the ultra cute and summery Tracy Feith pieces.


Emily said...

Oh my, those are some super cute clothes! I am way jealous!

Natalie D. said...

I agree with Emily that I am waay jealous.