Monday, 25 May 2009

I wanna be cool again......

OH MY GOD. I turned 27 last week. Most people my age are married and already have houses, steady jobs, a dog, and kids. Fuck. Meanwhile, I am still wishing to be cool agian, like when I was 22. Damn.

I was a student, I was making art, I was carefree and could hold down the liquor like none other! I went out most nights of the week, dressed cute every damn day, and generally had a pretty exciting life. I moved often, had crazy roommates, and wasn't afraid of anything. Oh, and my hair was totally bitchin'!!!

Anyway, I am just being nostalgic about that time of my life, but I also realize alot of things about my current situation are 100% better than back then. I have stable friendships, I am close with my family, I have the love of my life by my side, and I am much wiser these days. All in all, I wouldn't trade what I have now to go back to being a wild child.

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Natalie D. said...

I don't think it would be boring to take pictures of you and Will!! It would be totally fun, I'm just unsure about how to go about it lol. When I take pictures of myself I have total control, but I am happy someone likes them, thank you!!

I always want to go downtown and take picture of people but I'm scared I'll freak them out.... :) But if we both went.. it would be awesome and we would be unstoppable :-P