Monday, 18 May 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Don't you just love getting older? I know I sure do!!! The best part of getting older is having a great excuse to take the weekend off of work and chill with your favorite people in the whole world. My most awesome friends ever came down to my parent's house for the evening so we could have a slumber party. That is right- I turned 27 this year and chose not to go to a bar or a fancy restaurant and instead, giggle with the girls!

We rocked out to classic rock on the radio and my parents helped out with the grilling of the meat while we "kids" sat at the bar eating chips, hummus, M & M's, and carrots. After stuffing our faces, we giggled about boys, including an ex-police officer named "Dick." Some marshmallows were roasted and pink cupcakes were eaten, and after all was said and done, we were ready to get into our pajamas!

I was super psyched cause there were for Nintendo DS's in the house to play, so we were able to link up and play Mario Party. How cool is that?! In the morning, I made banana nut muffins and everyone seemed happy. Nothing makes me feel younger than being able to still have good, clean fun slumber party style:)

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