Friday, 22 May 2009

My Ikea Expedit Bookshelf

I like my new Ikea Expedit bookshelf so much that I decided to blog about it! Seriously though, this thing has been my savior, as it holds pretty much everything I own and keeps it organized and thoughtfully displayed. I am all about it! This bookshelf takes up half of the wall and is taller than me. Strangely enough, it has very few books on it but we won't worry about that.


kelseycliche said...

That's so fancy!! I have yet to go to an ikea store, it's on my nerdy list of things to do.

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Oh man! You totally need to put it on the top of your list of nerdy things to do cause IKEA is tons of fun. We are talking 4 stories of good design at awesome prices!!!

glow owl said...