Monday, 4 May 2009

Animal Party

For 3 weeks now, I have had the most evil stomach in the history of man. I have been able to eat less and less food and now just about the only thing that sits OK in my tummy is Stauffer's Animal Crackers. These are the super bland snacks that you give to little kids, but somehow, they have become pretty appetizing to me lately in the absence of real food!

In reality, all I am dreaming of is pizza, falafel, and sushi. And chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Oh man, seriously!!!

I want food sooo badly!

One website that always makes me hungry is Road Food Digest. Check it out! They have a good Iowa food section- all you have to do is do a search for Iowa.


I can appreciate the Des Moines Register's list of "100 Things to Eat in Iowa Before You Die."
Its fun to see how many of these things I have actually eaten, seeing as I have been an Iowan my whole life!

All this food talk is making my animal crackers sound mighty good right now!

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