Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Adorable, Tiny Food

Ever since childhood, I have been beyond fascinated with anything miniature. It probably started with needing props for Barbie and my American Girl doll, but it definitely did not stop there!

When I was in South Korea, I did manage to pick up a few original Japanese Re-Ment pieces here and there. Two of them were sushi sets, and the third was 50's Diner Mickey Mouse themed food. I love these miniatures for their perfect attention to detail and absolutely perfect quality. Also, each set was blind-boxed, meaning you don't know what you are going to get until you open it! How exciting!

In any case, I am back in the United States and have been dreaming and scheming on eBay for more Re-Ment pieces. With these, I would love to make little dioramas and re-creations of rooms, like a doll house. I think this would be very fun, but then again, I also have no children, no pet, and don't drink or do drugs, so I have to get pretty creative with what I do for fun!!!

P.S. The pink photos are from an Ebay auction I would love to win! You can check out the seller's store here:

Buy something for me if you would like:)

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kelseycliche said...

Hmm, if I find anything miniature in South Africa, I will pick it up for you! :D

Do you go through the miniature exhibit at the State Fair? It's crazy awesome! I haven't been in a few years but I think I'll check it out this time around.