Monday, 6 April 2009

Blue Eyeshadow Girl

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I braved a freak blizzard here in Iowa to visit our siblings upstate. Naturally, we did the tourist thing and took a trip to Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines, Iowa on our way home. This mall has Sephora, the much loved and coveted makeup store that carries many independent and cool brands like Urban Decay and Benefit.

Well, what was in store for us at Sephora was not the usual catty bitches fighting over the latest lipliner. Instead, there was a completely unattended little kid making herself up in the mirror with all of the trial products. She went to town with some bright blue Urban Decay product on her eyelids and then moved on to the Dior section to savvily try out shades of lipstick and blush until she found the right shade.

Although the little girl looked completely comical with her clown blush, drag queen blue eye shadow, and too dark lipstick, a happy sentimental part of my heart warmed to this kid. She was in the zone, she found something very fascinating and feminine, and through the next 10 or so years of trial and error with make-up, she is bound to someday be a super cool and put together woman!

P.S I was not ballsy enough to snap a photo of the kid in the store putting on makeup so these are totally just Googled images of "little girl makeup."

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