Saturday, 4 April 2009

Electronic Bliss

I usually only can justify spending money on one of 3 things: Food, makeup, or electronics. Larger electronic purchases give me the most long standing fulfillment, as I end up using these items everyday and they very much become a big part of my life. Well, when I first saw Panasonic's Retro Styled headphones on Urban Outfitters, I instantly knew they must be mine. A nice trip to Target proved that all of UO's stuff is soo overpriced. I got these headphones for $5 bucks cheaper at Target. :)

Those who know me know that I move all of the time which means that I can't own large items that are difficult to transport. That means no tv, no desktop computer, no furniture, and most tragically of all, no stereo! Instead, I have travel friendly items such as a laptop, an iPod, and a Nintendo DS. Since music is such a big part of my life, I felt completed as a person to finally have headphones that don't suck!

These Panasonic headphones drown out all of the background noise and deliver awesome sound that can bring out even the tiniest details of a song and they can pump out the bass in any electronic sound with due justice. Very nice!

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glow owl said...

-that- is a great photo of you. totally and absolutely adorable!

(i dig the headphones, too...)