Friday, 17 April 2009

Instructing You How to DIY

In honor of this upcoming Earth Day, I thought I would get back in touch with my inner DIY child and came about Instructables shows you step by step how to make zillions of projects from recycled materials for around the house, gifts, games, and life.

I am totally going to get out my toolbox and make some stuff this weekend:)

For more project ideas:

I thought the motherboard bracelet was super cool. Maybe my little bro can pass on a few old computer scraps for this project?

This one is a trip! They call it the inverted shelf and you hang everything upside down. What a cool idea! As a bonus, you could glue a flower vase or something upside down on to the shelf as well!

Mmmmm, gummy Legos! How cool is that?! They are soo rad that you can almost makeout the Lego logo on them as well.

I am definitely inspired now.......

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