Monday, 6 April 2009

My Friends Are Lucky Charms

Gotta love treasure trolls. I myself had a decent collection of them as a kid and actually got to take them to BINGO on Wednesday nights with my mom and grandma in the basement of St. John's Catholic church. When we arrived, all of the old ladies were chatty as they arranged their good luck charms and bingo dobbers strategically in front of their many cards. I got my own card too!

Once the announcer started to call the numbers, any noise I made would result in glares from hell from old ladies and "Shhhhhh." Oh the agony for an 8 year old! If I won, I would get very shy and tug at my mom's sleeve to get her attention so she could shout "BINGO!" for me. During speed BINGO sessions, those little old ladies would play 10 cards at a time, frantically dobbing and searching for numbers. At this point, my mom would take pity on me and send me off with 50 cents to go get a candy bar. I keep looking back at these times of going to BINGO with my mom and grandma and wondering if they were good times or bad ones?

In any case, I found these treasure trolls at the Crowded Closet in Iowa City, Iowa the other day and felt many fond memories towards these homely little things. Are they soo ugly that they are cute?

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