Monday, 6 April 2009

Nintendo DSi - To buy or not to buy?

Nintendo finally released the new Nintendo DSi in the United States on April 5th. I know I am jobless, living in my boyfriend's bedroom, and practically eating out of garbage cans but seriously, it is hard to hold myself back from buying one!

On Sunday, my boyfriend and I stopped into the local Gamestop at Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines and the local scenester gamer kid working behind the counter smuggly let me know that the new Nintendo DSi was not for sale this first week, stricktly pre-order only. He did the little scene boy hair toss and played with his lip ring as he showed off his new DSi from behind the counter. Hmmmm. Tempting, right? Well, I still have one question, is the new Nintendo DSi worth all of the hype?

The new Nintendo DS features larger screens, 2 built in cameras, sound capacity, internal memory and SD card slot, ability to download games, more brigtness settings, and an internet browser. It is only slightly smaller and lighter than the old DS.

As far as the cons go, Nintendo only released the DSi in 2 extremely ugly colors- black and blue. Also, there is no longer a DS logo on the front of the DS and no Game Boy Advance slot. The new DSi is matte colored and generic looking, where my DS Lite is shiny and gorgeous after all of these years. Also, I heard the battery life is shorter on the new DSi. Oh, and the biggest con of all, the new Nintendo DSi is $170 bucks! No thank you!!!

So I guess the final verdict is in- I talked myself out of buying a Nintendo DSi..... At least for now.

P.S. If Nintendo were to cute up the DSi in the United States, maybe release it in pink or white, put the glossy coating back on the top, and lower the price, I will be sold on this product.

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